Southern Baptist help school massacre victims in Russia

By September 16, 2004

Russia (MNN/BP) — Southern Baptist relief funds are assisting victims’ families and survivors of the Sept. 3 terrorist massacre in Beslan, Russia.

The International Mission Board immediately released $5,000 from its general relief fund to help in the aftermath of the 53-hour standoff that took the lives of 326 hostages — half of them were children. Two leaders of the Russian Baptist Union were able to use the funds to assist grieving families with burial expenses and other needs.

Yuri Sipko, president of the Russian Baptist Union, and Nicholai Sobolov, an RBU regional vice president, spent hours counseling and praying with the families affected by the tragedy, said IMB missionary Ed Tarleton.

“I spoke with Yuri Sipko on his return to Moscow,” Tarleton reported, “and he said, ‘Please give our heartfelt thanks to your leaders, missionaries, friends and Southern Baptist churches for their prayers and financial assistance during this time. Your help during this crisis has been wonderful.'”

RBU Vice President Peter Mitskevitch flew to Beslan Sept. 6 to conduct a thorough evaluation of needs in the area, Tarleton said. Mitskevitch’s report will help Russian Baptists, Southern Baptist missionaries and other evangelical Christians to effectively minister in the area in coming weeks.

“The Russian Baptist Union quickly mobilized to reach out to the hundreds of people affected by this tragedy,” Tarleton said. “They are working with multiple agencies and helping all who are in need — not just to those within the church, but to those in the greater community at large.

“We will continue to work directly with the Russian Baptist Union in ministering to the people in Beslan.”

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