A grant allows an Audio Scripture ministry to grow in India.

By March 30, 2006

India (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries’ is celebrating a grant that will allow them to see the manufacture of Mithra players in India.

The player is distributed with appropriate Scripture through World Cassette Outreach of India. ASM’s Tom Dudenhofer says their timeline has gone from months to weeks.

Instead of taking three months to raise funds, the money came in three weeks. That means plans were put on the fast track. “We were able to contact our partners in India and the manufacturing of the next group of five thousand Mithra players has now begun, and a Christian couple stepped up and offered to match another 20,000 dollars.”

Dudenhofer says distribution could begin in the next few weeks. The timing, he adds, is crucial. “On one of our team visits to the tsunami area of India, there was a tremendous hunger for God’s Word–they’re very open to something that will give them hope.”

Plans are also moving ahead at World Cassette Outreach. The Rev. Sundara Rajan has individuals ready for recording the Koya and Kukna New Testaments. Two sponsors are needed to fund these two languages. Pray for God’s provision of $3840 needed for each language recording.

If you’d like to help, go to Audio Scripture Ministries’ website by following the link below.

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