Haiti’s unrest disrupts a Christian ministry’s short term plans.

By March 30, 2006

Haiti (MNN)–The United Nations reports that the number of kidnappings in Haiti has fallen as the political tensions have relaxed.

Six incidents were registered in the first half of March, a sharp drop the 160 incidents that preceded the election. And with President René Préval winning on February 7, it appears that the politically motivated violence could finally simmer down.

With a corrupt police force, Haiti still faces daunting law-and-order issues. Still, with the country’s struggle with decades of political strife and never-ending poverty, good news shines brightly.

An uneasy peace hangs over the region–but is it enough to be comfortable bringing in groups of Americans for short-term missions?

Christian World Outreach’s Greg Yoder says they had to come to a difficult decision about short-term trips for this summer.

“One of the reasons we’re not taking any groups,” Yoder explains, “we don’t feel that it would be a safe thing to do, at least for us, and like I said, for our staff. Once they’re seen with us, that can put them in harms’ way, because people affiliate them with Americans, and then, with money. They could be kidnapped and held for ransom.”

Yoder says the Gospel takes hold with or without the summer teams. “It’s not hurting that we don’t go. Sometimes people don’t go because they feel it’s not safe to go to camp but we still are seeing the large numbers come, and we’re seeing people come to the Lord.”

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