A Great Crate heads to Nigeria.

By March 23, 2007

(MNN) — A unique connection between a Christian Resources International
volunteer and a pastor in Nigeria
is opening new doors for outreach. 

CRI's Fred Palmerton says they're sending a Great Crate to
Pastor Byang Kato (bee-yong kahto) in Northern Nigeria.   Kato had a vision to see new church leaders
and evangelists raised up.  He
established the Byang Kato Memorial Library about 20 years ago, but with few materials
available and little money, the seminary and library have basically sat
empty.  No one in Nigeria knew where or how to get
literature to fill the shelves.

Then, Debra (Kato) Bature (Pastor Kato's daughter) came to Michigan in October 2006
to visit her brothers.  While staying
with Paul Kato in Fowlerville, his wife urged Debra to visit CRI to see what
Paul's mother-in-law (Joyce Ives) did as a volunteer. 

Debra was overwhelmed by the supply of books and Ives suggested
she apply for a container to be sent to the Jos ECWA Seminary in Nigeria.  Palmerton says, "We're going to send him
something just short of 30-thousand pounds of material–20-thousand books and
then numerous other evangelical material such as tracts and

Also included in this shipment is a small supply of
humanitarian aid for the impoverished children of the area. That's a departure
for their team, says Palmerton, but it helps establish long-term relationship.
"This 20-foot container, because of some of the other operations we've got
going as well as several hundred visits per year to our library so we're short
of inventory and this is going to pretty much clean us out for a few

The Crate goes out within the next two weeks.  Click here if you want to help replenish CRI inventory so they can help more pastors like these.  

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