Rains Ravage Burundi’s Food Supply

By March 22, 2007

Burundi (MNN) — Rain would seem like an answered prayer after four years of drought.  However, the heavy rain that finally came washed away the thin jungle topsoil, and killed crops, leaving the already poverty stricken country in dire need.

Christian Reformed World Relief Committee
and Food For the hungry International are teaming up to help the people of Burundi.  At least 4,000 families will receive corn, bean, vegetable seeds and tools to re-plant and repair their crops.  Since 75 percent of the people who will
receive these supplies already live below the poverty line, these supplies are life-saving.

Before the rains, experts say the number of calories many in Burundi consume each day was below the amount for an active and healthy lifestyle.  With less food available this season the
concern becomes even greater.

On top of this, 90 percent of Burundi's population makes its living by farming.  The main crops are sorghum, corn and sweet potatoes.  The price of sweet potatoes has risen 40 percent since the beginning of 2007 because of the food shortage.  Less than 5 percent of the population makes its living outside of farming.  Therefore, severe weather such as this is
detrimental to most of the population as food prices rise and less people have a steady income.

CRWRC will be working through their account at the Candian Foodgrains Bank to fund their donations to Burundi.  You can donate by visiting their site.   Be sure your donations are marked "Burundi Food Security."

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