A humanitarian crisis plagues Sudan

By May 7, 2004

Sudan (MNN) — Fighting has erupted between Sudanese government forces and rebels in western Sudan despite a cease-fire signed last month to halt the conflict. The violence isn’t anything new, as the country’s been fighting a civil war for more than 20 years.

That war has killed millions, and forced many to flee their homes. The situation isn’t getting any better. According to the U-S AID the situation is the worst humanitarian disaster in the world right now. Hundreds of thousands of people are either internally displaced or are refugees in nearby countries. One of which is Chad.

Food for the Hungry’s Tamera Dutch says they’re focusing on that region. “They have counted up to 110,000 refugees. That’s not even counting the one-million people within Sudan that have been displaced,” says Dutch. She says, “We are going to provide relief items including food and we will be administering care and also some hygiene items. They need basic necessities.”

The goal is to help physically, so Christ can work spiritually. That’s why FHI is working with the local church in Chad. Dutch says, “We work with churches leaders and families. And, as we work with those groups of people we find that as we give the physical items, their hearts are open to hearing about Christ. They’re so hopeless.”

Dutch is asking Christians around the world to get involved is this incredible humanitarian crisis. “We’re asking people if they can support Food for the Hungry and helping the Sudanese in any way they can. That can be in terms of praying, donating.” You can find out how to get involved by going to their FHI’s web site at http://www.fh.org.

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