Olympic safety becomes chief concern as bombs rattle Greece.

By May 7, 2004

Greece (MNN)–In the final run up to the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, government officials are scrambling to assure the international community of safety.

AMG International’s Paul Jenks says, “A local group of leftists has detonated these three small time bombs near a police station, as if to say, ‘we’re here, and your security isn’t.'”

The Wednesday incident heightened fears of terrorist attacks, at a critical juncture when people attending the Games are making travel plans. Jenks says, “It is a concern because, we, at AMG, have 17 teams that are planning to go.” AMG already has a team on the ground at the Cosmo Vision Center. It’s a facility that will have an evangelical Christian school in Athens. “But”, Jenks adds, “we’re building the sports facilities first because those will be dormitory space for the visitors, the volunteers that are coming.”

Jenks says their teams are far enough away from main venues they don’t think they’ll be exposed to much harm. However, there is a great need for prayer. “AMG, it’s good to mention, is part of a local organization called Flame 2004, which is a consortium of different ministries that will be doing outreach at the time of the Olympics.”

The Christian community in Greece created an organization with the unique goal of serving the spiritual needs of all the athletes and people that will be in Athens for the Olympic Games.

Driven by this concept and in cooperation with the International Athletic Organization “More than Gold”, they created an non-profit organization called “FLAME”.

The Cosmovision Center will serve as a base for the evangelistic effort surrounding the 2004 Olympic Games. Following the Olympics, additional facilities will allow the operation of the only evangelical Christian school in Athens, offering an excellent education based upon Christian principles.

AMG hopes the Center will generate enough income to make it self-supporting. This will greatly multiply the sacrificial investment of God’s people to advance the ministries of the gospel in Greece and all over the world.

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