A mattress provides the support for ministry in Moldova’s orphanges.

By September 29, 2005

Moldova (MNN)–Providing a place for an orphan to lay their head can often open doors for outreach.

Little Samaritan Mission’s work in Moldovan orphanages includes making sure the children have a mattress to sleep on.

In some places, the kids haven’t had new bedding in a decade or more. The dignity of a clean bed often opens doors.

It’s a commitment to the young lives that speaks. Little Samaritan Mission has over 85 full-time workers in the Republic of Moldova, Siberia, and Romania.

Over 30 state orphanages depend on LSM to provide clothing, shoes, medicine, coal for heating, food items, hot water heaters, mattresses, and electrical generators.

Team members say it represents a powerful example of God’s love to these children. They need to see that God loves them and He has not forgotten them.

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