A media ministry is making waves across the internet.

By February 19, 2007

International (MNN) — Trans World Radio is makin' waves in
the world of missions.  Actually, it's a
new website launch that takes a unique approach to recruiting the You-Tube

Why videos?  TWR's
Heather Johnson explains: "The videos that we have on there are kind of
the way that we're explaining our mission. The younger generation, they don't
read as much.  They are very much a
visual generation. They're very much charged up and taught by visual

'Making Waves' encourages people toward short-term missions
and internships with the hopes some will move into full-time service.  According to TWR, "Even if a missionary
cannot go, a Bible cannot be read or a teacher cannot be found, radio can reach
them. And Trans World Radio is there." 
TWR broadcasts the hope of Christ around the world to 160 countries
every day in at least 200 languages. That requires a large work force skilled
in many areas.

That's where 'Making Waves' comes in.  TWR is encouraging the newly skilled young
people to consider mission work–not as a pith-helmeted jungle dweller, but as
a bi-vocationed person serving in missions today.  Stir things up–make waves…or, look at it in the sense of radio waves.  A radio wave or a computer click can ripple out into hearts half a world away.

The website has already seen enthusiastic response, because
it plays on strengths. "We wanted to just make it something that the
people of the younger generation could just say, 'Hey, I want to get involved
and I never thought that I could do it because I'm not into Bible translation.
'I don't to be a church planter' or 'I don't want to be a pioneer. I want to be
an accountant or I want to be a journalist. 
I didn't know that I could be that and be a missionary.'"

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