A ministry aimed at children grows in Haiti.

By March 1, 2005

Haiti (MNN)–Haiti is often portrayed as a mysterious nation of seven million people.

A less romanticized view of the country reveals a day-to-day struggle with human and spiritual poverty. Income is virtually nonexistent, unemployment the norm, and illiteracy is high.

Superstition and voodoo is a way of life for most Haitians. OMS International began work in Haiti in 1958, with the operation of Radio 4VEH. Since then, Men For Missions, the layman’s voice of OMS International, has helped the ministry grow.

Today, there are partners who help run feeding programs, schools, and many other outreaches. In fact, the growth has led to a new program aimed at young people in Haiti.

The team leader arrived last week to work with the Starfish Kids sponsorship program for Haitian school children. Through sponsors, the program will cover all of the child’s educational costs, including uniforms and meals.

For only $15 (USD) per month or $180 (USD) per year, the students will be exposed to the Gospel through the school curriculum.

Starfish Kids currently has 3300 students awaiting help. Through training, their teachers are becoming evangelists as well as mentors in their classrooms. The ministry hopes to lead 4,000 children to the Lord Jesus Christ by the end of 6th grade.

Pray for the team leader as she settles in, begins language training and joins a vibrant outreach.

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