Short-term volunteers helping camp in Haiti

By March 1, 2005

Haiti (MNN) — Christian Camping in Haiti is an important part of the ministry of Christian World Outreach. A group of six short-term ministry workers are at a camp in central Haiti getting the facility ready for their work.

Greg Yoder is with Christian World Outreach. “We have a youth camp. It’s called ‘Great Discovery.’ And, there (are) always 200 or so that can show up. And then, we hold Bible School in the summer here as well. There we have as many as 1,400 kids show up by the end of the week.”

Yoder says as kids get saved as part of their camping ministry it seems to have an even greater impact. “It spreads to the families. And, even last week, we were talking about the past camps we had and how some of the young men and women who’ve come to the camps now are running clinics in Haiti. It’s neat to hear success stories. Even some have gone on to become workers in France or other countries even.”

This is great news especially in light of the darkness the exists in Haiti, like voodoo worship. “It’s still prevalent here and something that Satan still holds on to in this country. We just pray the Lord will change hearts even in those kids of people.”

Christian World Outreach is asking people to pray for funding to help supplement their youth camp program so even more young people can come to Christ.

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