A ministry celebrates the passion of the church’s unsung heroes.

By October 7, 2004

International (MNN)–Global Advance’s David Shibley has always had a passion for helping the hidden heroes of the church.

But, while preaching to a group of international church leaders, something happened that changed his focus.

In Nigeria in 1987, a pastor approached David with a tearful request. This man had holes in his shoes and a torn shirt, yet his request was not for clothing. Rather, it was a plea for training and resources.

Shibley explains, “The Spirit of the Lord spoke to my heart. ‘Spend the rest of your life putting men like that up where you’re standing and you go sit where they’re sitting. Begin to lift up their hands of national pastors and church leaders. That’s been our privilege over these last 14 years.”

Shibley says since then, they’ve expanded the resources they make available to pastors. “We believe they need training, we believe they need resources, but they certainly need encouragement, and a fresh revisiting of the vision that God has placed in their heart for their own nation. So, we do continue to go. We’re also utilizing the technologies that are available.”

Global Advance has provided on-sight training for over 266,000 needy pastors and church leaders in 67 nations. The agency now offers 100 hours of training on CD in native languages. They also have leadership materials and a website devoted to pastoral helps. For details, go to: www.globaladvance.org

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