A ministry is meeting not only immediate needs, but long-term, spiritual needs through the Word of God.

By January 14, 2005

Asia (MNN) — While many humanitarian groups are rushing aid to the victims in Asia, Bible Pathway Ministries is planning to rush Bibles to help with grief counseling.

Bible Pathway’s Ken Sharp says that their biggest concern is where the people are going to spend eternity. “That’s the most pressing concern for us here at Bible Pathway. Because of that, we’re seeking to follow behind those that are giving physical aid, to help people find the answers to their questions…and we truly believe that the Bible holds all the answers to all of these questions of a lifetime.”

Some of those crucial questions people are asking in their grief and shock, are “Why did I survive and all my family and friends are wiped out?” and “Where is God in all of this?” And Bible Pathway hopes to help people work through these questions, and to do so with the Word of God.

Pastors, missionaries and Christian workers at Bible schools are in the region already providing comfort and counseling, and will be distributing the Bibles.

Even before the tsunami hit, Christian leaders had written Bible Pathway, asking for Bibles and materials to help with their training and teaching. Even more now, those resources are needed to help the huge number of people who are questioning and grieving.

Sharp says, “And so, what we see here at Bible Pathway, is not only to meet the immediate need, both physically and emotionally and spiritually, but the long-term need to provide spiritual assistance to help give healing and hope back to these shattered lives that remain.”

Bible Pathway needs our help to send these Bibles over to the 11 affected countries. The postage to get them there is about $38,000. Go to their website to help http://www.biblepathway.org.

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