A ministry recognized for awareness project in Ghana.

By December 7, 2006

Ghana (MNN)–A child dives into the waters to manually untangle fishing nets and becomes entangled himself, eventually losing the struggle to free himself.

It’s a common enough scene in the coastal region of Ghana, and one that IN Network-Ghana has brought to the attention of the international community.

The team released a documentary on ‘The Commercial Exploitation of Children in Fishing’ which won second place in the Annual Africa Initiative Awards. TV viewers who voted on the documentaries were from the whole of Africa, Belgium and England.

IN Network-Ghana’s message had to compete for a voice along with 76 other organizations. IN Network’s Rody Rodeheaver breaks down the importance of this prestigious recognition. “The value of the documentary is that it raises awareness to the problems that are being faced by these children and these poverty-stricken people.” …Namely, the issue of child labor and the plight of children in Ghana.

Rodeheaver says the 15 years IN Network-Ghana has worked in the region speak to their vision for ministry. “In terms of us sharing the Gospel and sharing the hope of Christ, that happens in a number of ways because of the interaction of our ministry staff as they work to interface with the parents of these children. But it also happens because these children are placed in Christian schools that we operate.”

In 1987, the ministry committed to the development of the rural and underprivileged people of Ghana. Since then, through careful nurturing of the relationships of trust with the Fetish priests and village elders over the years, some headway has been made, resulting in the Trokosi Liberation and Vocational Training Project.

Click here if you want details on the work of IN-Network-Ghana.

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