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Uzbek TV warns about Christian missionaries

By December 7, 2006

Uzbekistan (MNN) — Oppression of Christians took another turn for the worse, but this time on national television.

According to reports, a national program called, ‘Hypocrisy’ aired last week in the Central Asian nation of Uzbekistan warning against missionary activities by Christians in the country. The unscheduled program began by noting that Uzbekistan has left behind the ‘afflictions of the Soviet system,’ but went on to warn that ‘even more dangerous afflictions are emerging’ — Christian missionary work.

The head of the committee for the Religious Affairs Department under the Uzbek Cabinet of Ministers, Zulhaydar Sultonov, told viewers, “We can see the causes that could lead our society to division under missionary activities.” Talking above the chanting and clapping of Christian worshipers, the host suggested that missionaries use financial means to attract new followers to their sects. “Those who use religion to achieve various goals firstly make good use of one’s economic situation,” he said. “On the pretext of financially helping people in need, they instill their own teachings in these people’s minds. As it turns out, soon the targeted people become complete zombies.”

The program also cited college English teachers and the use of the Uzbek language in churches as evidence of a “serious intent to convert local people to Christianity.”

Pray that God would allow this program to make the Uzbek people curious about the Gospel.

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