US President selects Christian ministry to lead AIDS fight in Haiti

By December 7, 2006

USA (MNN) — President George W. Bush announced the selection of a Christian organization to lead a $7.7 million dollar HIV/AIDS initiative in Haiti.

Chief Operating Officer for World Hope International is David Erickson. “The President announced that World Hope International has been selected to lead a consortium of 7 indigenous Haitian organizations to provide a comprehensive response to the problems of HIV/AIDS in Haiti over the next three years.”

According to Erickson, HIV/AIDS is getting worse in Haiti. “Haiti, unfortunately, has the highest prevalence rate of HIV/AIDS in the entire western hemisphere.”

While Christians turned a blind eye to the problem in the past, Erickson believes that’s changing. “As believers we have the privilege of mediating the love of Christ. And, if you think about people that might most desperately need to know the love of Christ, it’s people who are afflicted with HIV/AIDS,” says Erickson.

According to Erickson, while the government is supplying $7.7 million dollars, World Hope has to match 10-percent, or $750,000. But, can they use the money to share the Gospel? Erickson says, “We can’t use government funding to proclaim the Gospel. But, we are present, we are building relationships with people, and we’re bringing other resources to the table and we’re free to use those resources to share the hope and promise of the Gospel.”

Their outreach will focus on HIV/AIDS orphans and adults suffering with the disease. Government funding will allow them to present biblically-based morals education, which will help prevent HIV infection and preserve families.

World Hope does need your financial support to help with the matching grant dollars.
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