Bus ministry shares Christ with hundreds in Cameroon.

By December 7, 2006

Cameroon (MNN)–Back to the Bible shares good news from Cameroon.

A partner there launched a Christian bus ministry so commuters are now hearing their Australian-produced radio programs.

He plays program CDs in transport buses that travel the city streets. A typical bus carries over 200 passengers in each of its four daily rounds, so the potential impact of the Gospel multiplies with five buses now taking part in the program. Please pray that the message takes root in the hearts of the listeners.

As for the origin of the broadcasts, Christianityworks in Australia marks a sharp rise in responses to their radio programs. According to their staff, it’s skyrocketed to over 1500 new responses in the last four months in Australia and New Zealand alone.

As for the ideology behind Back to the Bible, they’ve found that radio goes behind political, geographical and religious barriers into places where people can’t go. It proclaims the Gospel message millions who follow the oral tradition or are illiterate.

They have 70 committed Bible teachers around the world writing, recording and producing original material in 25 languages, representing outreach to a potential of over half the world’s population.

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