A missionary’s verdict is delayed in Nepal.

By November 13, 2003

Nepal (MNN)–Manja Tamang was a Gospel For Asia missionary whose purpose was to share the love of Christ with those around him.

However, he was falsely accused of murdering an Englishman and is now in his third year of a 20-year prison sentence. Recent developments involved a suit of clothes that allegedly belonged to the victim. According to Gospel For Asia, Tamang’s lawyers sent the clothes to the victim’s home, only to have them returned because they did not belong to the victim.

Following the introduction of this new evidence to the case, GFA’s KP Yohannan says the final verdict in Tamang’s case was delayed. “Because of the disagreement with the two judges, one said he was innocent, one said he may still have some doubt, now it goes to the full bench. That means that the highest sitting judges in the country of Nepal, five or more of them, will hear the case in another 60 days’ time.”

At that time, the Nepali missionary will either be released or serve the remainder of his 20-year sentence. While the legal team remains optimistic, GFA urges continual prayer.

Yohannan visited Manja in prison, and reports that he continues evangelizing behind bars. “He is in good spirits, and he led one man to the Lord, who has already been released from prison. He is now going to Bible School. And, Manja started a Bible study for 24 prisoners that are in prison in Katmandu.”

In the meantime, Manja’s wife has enrolledl in a GFA Bible school. She is now preparing to lay down her life to reach lost women and children in Nepal. Their children are in school and doing well.

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