Boot camp starts Friday in Mozambique.

By November 12, 2003

Mozambique (MNN)–Teen Missions was founded in 1970 with confidence that as young people experienced the missions field, God would call many to a life dedicated to world evangelization.

The primary purpose of this ministry is to challenge, train, and disciple young people, exposing them to worldwide missions.

On Friday, Mozambique becomes the next site for a youth ministry boot camp launch. Teen Missions International’s Rob Lowen explains the 10-day camp takes place in primitive living conditions, “where we’ll sleep in tents and bathe in buckets”, but there’s more to the camp than physical training. “The end goal is obviously evangelism. The way Teen Missions works is we will run a boot camp in an area for a few years, with the goal of eventually purchasing property and setting up a Bible School where we can train the young people to be missionaries in their own country.” Lowen says it’s a taste of a summer missions program with local youth.

Following boot camp, “Then there’ll be approximately two weeks of field time where each team will go out and either build a church or we’re having a backpack film team which will travel from village to village sharing the JESUS film and some of the culturally relevant evangelistic films that Teen Missions has made.”

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