A missions project guides people into new ministry in the golden years of their lives.

By January 16, 2004

USA (MNN)–Baby boomers are the healthiest and best-educated generation at mid-life in history.

The Finishers Project is designed to encourage boomers, challenge 20 somethings and guide others into exploring the possibilities offered in the mission field.

It’s a cooperative effort of local churches and mission agencies to address a desire for a lasting, eternal impact. Nelson Malwitz is with the Finisher’s Project. He says a Finishers Forum conference can provide those eye-opening answers. “For the first time, a single, or a couple begin to think through what they might do in the second half of their life, and be intentional about how they might give their time talent and treasure back to the Lord.”

A Finishers Forum is planned for February 6 and 7 in New England, and for March 12 and 13 in California. Malwitz asks for prayer support. “The Lord asks us to pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers into the harvest. The only action verb there is ‘to pray’. Pray earnestly that the Lord provide people to take the knowledge of the glory of the Lord around the earth.”

The Finishers Project also services local churches by providing tools to assist their adults in finding a place to join God in His passion for His glory among the nations.

It provides the service of bringing you to the “front door” of organizations that are looking for more people resources and provides a link with real opportunities in missions.

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