A new book may encourage Christians to get involved in inner city ministry

By May 12, 2005

USA (MNN) — The miraculous life-changing power of God is highlighted in a new book that will be available this weekend. The book is titled Here’s Life! and is written by the National Director of Here’s Life Inner City, Ted Gandy.

“We took, essentially, 35 stories of true life, real stories of inner city people and the transformation that’s occurred in their lives,” says Gandy.

According to Gandy there are three to four million homeless people in the United States. He says the goal of this book is obvious. “The main hope is one of mobilization. I’ve said often that there’s no one that’s beyond the touch of God. But, the book is about is saying there is hope, there is a transformation that can take place, and if you get involved in the lives of the poor you’re going to see some incredible results.”

The inner city has a reputation of being a dark, evil, crime-infested place, says Gandy. “My experience has been, it’s been a place of real spiritual interest. Where people lacked hope, they lacked help, they lacked options in their lives, but as God’s people got involved in caring for the poor it was a place of real transformation.”

Here’s Life! is available by calling 800- 827-2788 or you can order it online at http://www.campuscrusade.com/Books/heres.htm.

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