A new change for project Hannah

By February 9, 2016

International (MNN) — It’s a time of change for Project Hannah, the women’s flagship ministry at Trans World Radio.


After 19 years of serving as Project Hannah’s Global Ministry Director, founder Marli Spieker is stepping down and Peggy Banks will be taking the post.

Project Hannah focuses on raising awareness and empathy for the plight of women worldwide. It also broadcasts the Gospel story of Christ all around the world. Project Hannah’s goal being is for women everywhere to experience the love God has for them and the power in His name.

However, prayer is a key cornerstone to this ministry, and its strongest tool. Through its prayer resources, there are thousands upon thousands of people who pray every day for hurting women.

“It’s an amazing ministry that Marli Spieker started in 1997. And she has found that this is a time now for her to transition out and pass the baton, if you will, to me, which is a huge privilege and honor to receive that,” Banks stated.

Banks has a background in education as well as a Doctor of Ministry degree from Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon. In addition, she has a passion for helping women. “My mission statement for my life is helping hurting women around the world find hope and healing in the purpose and person of Jesus Christ,” Banks said.

One of Banks’ goals for Project Hannah includes creating a woman’s institute online for women all over the world to use for teaching and leadership training.

“My heart is to really focus and identify some of the needs of the women: teach some classes on the role of women in ministry, women in the Bible and how they related to Jesus, the women who encountered Jesus and how their lives were changed for it, and then some basic leadership development,” explained Banks.

TWR offers a broader leadership-training program.

As the transition takes place, Banks will be spending a lot of her first year meeting other leaders around the world. She’ll have the chance to meet different groups of women, see what’s happening, how Project Hannah is making an impact, and have the opportunity to meet some of Project Hannah’s donors.

But, Banks won’t have to tackle this busy year alone. Spieker will be working as Project Hannah’s Global Advisor. In other words, she will mentor Banks throughout the year to help ease the transition.

As for program changes, Banks desires to continue Project Hannah’s radio programs to give hope and healing to women, and to continue to bring awareness. She also hopes to see Project Hannah’s prayer movement grow.

“I’d love to see us get over a million women praying together through our prayer calendars that we offer every month for everyday prayers,” Banks said.

And you can help! Learn more about how you can get involved, download a pray calendar, and help let hurting women know they’re loved.

How to Help!

  • Prayer: print out Project Hannah’s prayer calendar and join countless others, interceding before God on behalf of women.
  • Invest: by investing both time and financially, you can help women be made free.
  • Become Aware: Stay up to date on what’s happening and try tuning into Project Hannah’s radio broadcast.

“When you save a woman, you save a village,” quoted Banks.

Please be praying for the women exposed to Project Hannah to really be touched and encountered by Jesus through these interactions. Also pray for Banks, Spieker, and the rest of Project Hannah during this time of transition.

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