A new dedication sees passion for ministry nurtured in Ecuador.

By November 22, 2006

Ecuador (MNN)–HCJB World Radio is celebrating the dedication of the new Roberts Building. Formerly the Missionary Church dorm, it was renamed after Dr. Paul Roberts, founder of HCJB World Radio’s medical ministries 57 years ago.

The idea for HCJB World Radio’s medical ministries came from mission co-founders Clarence Jones and Reuben Larson who launched the radio work in 1931. They approached Roberts in Toronto in 1946 while he was still a medical student regarding missions work in Ecuador.

Roberts eventually came on board, imagining a large, modern hospital where all Ecuadorians would receive the best medical care possible, regardless of their ability to pay.

He also saw a teaching hospital where Ecuadorian doctors and nurses would be trained and a place where God’s love would be shown to everyone who entered its doors.

Roberts joined the ministry that was already becoming more than a clinic and radio station. In 1952, he and Dr. George Palmer, of the early radio beginnings of HCJB World Radio, and began raising funds for a mission-run hospital which opened as Rimmer Memorial Hospital on Oct. 12, 1955. It is now commonly referred to as Hospital Vozandes-Quito.

Roberts’ passion for sharing the hope of Christ with his patients was passed on through the hands of others who continue to nurture a thriving multi-focused ministry.

That brings us to today, HCJB World Radio, its medical arm, and the space to grow. Three of four floors in the Roberts Building are already in use with the fourth to become part of the evangelistic missionary training center.

For more information on the work HCJB World Radio is doing or want to help, go to their website by following their information listed here.

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