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Published on 22 November, 2006

Christian English teachers teach LIFE to Thai students.

Thailand (MNN)–LIFE camp just wrapped up in Thailand. LIFE stands for “Learning Intensive Free English.”

The Association of Baptists for World Evangelism says Thai church workers and Filipino missionaries provide the camp every year during fall break. For many of their students, not only do they come from a Buddhist background, but also, English is a second language for them.

Though English draws the campers in, the goal is to introduce the Gospel to the students. This year, there were over 400 campers plus staff and workers. 23 English classes, covering all ages, helped the students with their English-speaking skills.

Each unsaved camper, from elementary age through adult age, has a Christian buddy for the week. The responsibility of this buddy is to review the sermons presented each day and clarify any questions the unsaved friend has. They spend as much time as possible with their buddy, taking every opportunity to share the Gospel.

As a result, nearly 100 campers came to know the Lord in the course of the week. Pray for the follow up with them when they return home.

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