A new micro-loan project in the Andes

By January 1, 2016

ecuador_wikipediaEcuador (MNN) — FARMS International is launching a new program in 2016 to help support churches in the Andes Mountains.

“One of the new programs that we’re trusting God for this year is in Ecuador, with the Quichua people up in the high Andes,” says Richter.

About ten years earlier, FARMS was running a different program in Ecuador. While that program was successful, due to certain events, the program shut down. However, it was a stepping stone for the future.

“Through that visit and contacts we made there, a missionary friend was going back to Ecuador this year with a team. And we’re going to partner with them, in Ecuador again. I guess, we’ve just always had a heart for the Quichua people and want to see their churches really be self-supporting,” says Richter.

FARMS aims to release families from poverty by lending microloans ranging from $100-$2,000 dollars. For the Quichua people, FARMS support is no doubt needed. While Ecuador is considered an upper-middle-income country, there are extreme differences between the rich and the poor. And some of the poorest in Ecuador are indigenous people like the Quichua.

You can join FARMS by praying. Pray for the success of this project, for the Quichua people to become self-supporting, and for God’s hand in everything. Most importantly, pray for the continued work of the Gospel in the mountains.

For any who would like to come alongside this program, FARMS will be leading a trip to Ecuador later this year. For more information about joining FARMS on this trip, contact Joe Richter: [email protected]

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