A new ministry is born in India with its roots toward the original outreach in Wales.

By April 8, 2004

India (MNN)–In 1910, a Welsh missionary, Watkin Roberts, brought the Gospel to northeast India. Soon, the British expelled Roberts from India and he returned home, his hopes and dreams shattered. But little did he know what would come of the seed he had planted.

Now, less than one hundred years later, 98% of the Hmar tribe–former headhunters–have become Christians. The opportunity for ministry has come full circle as the Welsh church is withering away from neglect.

India’s believers are reaching out to revive the church in Wales. Bibles For The World’s Rochunga Pudaite says five thousand believers launched the Billion Bible campaign from Sielmat, the equivalent of Capernaum (Christ’s ministry center), in India. “When I told them that less than three-percent of the people in Wales go to church, and that every week there’s at one church being sold because there’s no more attendees, and that the Muslims and the Hindus are buying, people cried and wept.”

Pudaite says the Hmar believers were moved with compassion, and determined to send out 100-thousand Bibles by the campaign’s end. The Bibles are being printed in India now, but involvement in the campaign can be cost prohibitive.

He explains that, “…just the cost of printing and mailing is two days’ salary for the average man in our area. But, I am so happy to say that they’re willing to sacrifice for Jesus Christ. Thousands of Bibles are beginning to go to the land of Wales.”

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