A new printing of the Spanish New Testament encourages church leaders.

By February 23, 2004

International (MNN)–Along with the explosion of growth in Spanish-speaking churches around the world, comes an increasing demand from church leaders for tools.

Due to economic conditions in Central, Latin and South American countries, resources are scarce. In response, the World Bible Translation Center announces that 335-thousand Spanish New Testaments are soon to be printed.

Some two million of the Center’s Spanish New Testament are already in print. The Spanish Bible is also nearing completion, hopefully this year.

The release of these Scripture portions will reach millions in the 20 countries in the Americas and Europe where Spanish is spoken. Ask God to speed this process so that thousands more can be printed to meet growing ministry demands.

World Bible Translation Center exists to provide accurate, easy-to-understand translations of God’s Word in the world’s major languages. More than 3.3 million of the Center’s Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions were distributed during the year 2000.

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