Progress made in the Old Testament work in the Philippines.

By February 23, 2004

Philippines (MNN)–The average person can name 10 or even 20 different languages, spoken in the world today.

Most are amazed to find out there are actually over 6,000 languages currently spoken. Of that number, only about half have any portion of Scripture available in any accessible form. The remaining 3,000 languages represent an estimated 250 million people.

The drive to provide access to the Scripture in a heart language continues to motive translation teams around the world. With that in mind, The Seed Company reports progress on the T’boli project in the Philippines.

The translation committee just reviewed the books of Jeremiah and Ezekiel, with Daniel still in translation. Team members hope to finish the ten minor prophets by April.

In the meantime, the missionaries are also publishing a book describing the history and use of traditional music and instruments within the culture.

Pray that hearts will open to the Gospel as a result of these efforts.

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