A new recording studio helps spread the Gospel in Indonesia

By September 20, 2012

Indonesia (MNN/HCJB) — It takes just 30 minutes to listen to the account of the prophet Jonah's ministry to his enemies whom God loved unconditionally.

Now with a new audio version of this Old Testament book in a language of Indonesia, the hope is that it will be listened to again and again.

The recordings fulfill the dream that an Indonesian pastor held for years. Earlier this summer, Ty Stakes and Toffer King of HCJB Global Asia Pacific Region traveled to Indonesia to make the dream a reality.

"There is much illiteracy among the six language groups with whom our partner is working," explained Stakes who heads the region. "Many radio stations, local businesses, and even bus and taxi services are keen to use audio Scriptures to reach and encourage their patrons."

Before the arrival of the two men, Indonesian followers of Isa (Jesus) had already spent several weeks converting a plain, empty room into a recording studio.

To build the studio, walls needed acoustical treatment to keep sound from bouncing around. Studio doors and windows had to be constructed with double thickness. All of the materials were purchased locally.

Stakes and his staff then spent three days training local partners in computers, software, and audio equipment. Together they reviewed recording techniques and rehearsed scripts, learning to express the emotion and truth of the most important script ever written — the Word of God.

Following that, they made a recording of the story of Jonah, in which a self-willed man flees God's directive to prophesy to an enemy people–the Ninevites. A series of events prompts Jonah to obey God. What followed was wholesale repentance in Nineveh.

Audio recordings were also made of the Gospel of John in which Jesus proclaims, "I am the bread of life" (John 6:35) and similar claims to divinity. The New Testament book also records Jesus' miracles as He ministered on earth.

"It was exciting to see them take up the tools that had been provided and dive enthusiastically into the work," Stakes concluded. "May the Lord bring eternal fruit through their labor over the coming years."

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