A new website encourages prayer for persecuted Christians

By November 4, 2013

International (VOM/MNN)— Have you seen the new persecution website yet?

Launched on Sunday, the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church (IDOP), www.iCommitToPray.com invites Christians around the world to commit to pray for those who are persecuted. It is because of their faith in Christ and the bravery and risk to share the gospel with others that God is being known worldwide.

Todd Nettleton of Voice of the Martyrs USA says, “The first request of our persecuted family, when we go and visit them, is that we pray for them.”

This new website grew out of the desire to fulfill their request.

“The idea for this site really grew out of activity we already saw on the VOM Facebook page,” Nettleton said. “We often post prayer requests, and we began to see people comment on the post and type in their prayers for those currently being persecuted. And others would be encouraged by that, and add their own prayer in the next comment, and so on.

“At times we could even print out those prayers and show them to the Christians in hostile and restricted nations, and they were incredibly blessed to see very tangibly that Christians around the world hadn’t forgotten them and were lifting them up in prayer. We want iCommitToPray.com to be a site dedicated to that kind of prayer and encouragement.”

Users of the new website can post their written prayers and then invite friends to join with them in prayer. Having this connection to other fellow believers through social media has definitely opened the door to a wider communication.

Wrapping up, Nettleton says, “What we envision for iCommitToPray.com is a great prayer meeting for persecuted Christians. But instead of gathering in a church, or someone’s living room, Christians will gather online to pray for the persecuted church.”

Pray this website will be a huge hit. Pray many will be benefited from it and Christ will continue to be spread around the world through the power of prayer.

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