A reprieve comes for believers in Canada.

By April 5, 2004

Canada (MNN)–Believers have gained a respite in the fight against the passage of Canada’s Bill C-250.

Bill opponents, by delivering impassioned speeches and voting on amendments, prevented a final vote by using up all the time available before the Senate Easter recess which has now begun.

The bill would add ‘sexual orientation’ to Canada’s hate crimes law, which, in turn, would make portions of Scripture regarding homosexuality ‘hate literature’ under the criminal code.

International Bible Society Canada’s Donald Brooker explains what’s next. “The whole situation by the Senate has been deferred to April 20th. What we believe is that there’s a good chance that an election will be called between now and if that happens, essentially, Bill C-250 would die in the Senate when the election is called.”
Seen as a threat to freedom of religion, and free speech, many sighed relief with the news. However, Brooker, looking to the future of outreach, urges prayer.

“If it made it this far once, we need to be vigilant to make sure it never happens again. Our rights as Christians are being challenged; the definition of marriage has been challenged. All these things are going to continue to happen as it’s becoming more of a secular society here in Canada.”

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