Bible Reading Marathons gear up for the National Day of Prayer.

By April 5, 2004

USA (MNN)–Millions are expected to join together in a Bible reading around the globe this May.

Bible Pathway Ministries Ken Sharp says the Bible Reading Marathon will see hundreds of people at thousands of locations reading the scriptures. “They read the Bible from Genesis 1:1 all the way the way through, round the clock for approximately 90 hours, finishing with the last chapter of the book of Revelation on Thursday, May sixth, and then they’ll go right into the National Day of Prayer observance.”

Sharp believes it may be a first time exposure for some to the gospel. “Sometimes people will be attracted out of curiosity and then of course, once they hear the word of God, I’ve seen people riding their bikes through and they hear the word of God and they’ll almost immediately stop and get off their bikes, and just maybe sit down right there along the curb or in the grass and sit and listen to the Bible being read for awhile.”

Bible Pathway Ministries will feature the event on their website.

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