The results of a global missions’ conference come in.

By April 5, 2004

USA (MNN)–Five days and 19,000 delegates later, the global convention is over, but this year marks a beginning.

Mission Network News’ Joel Hill covered the event, and says the numbers are in. Members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship handed out decision cards to the 20-thousand students and delegates who were in attendance.

Intervarsity’s Scott Wilson says “By the end of that convention, more then 10-thousand students indicated they were ready to commit themselves to some form of cross cultural missions in the world today.”

The Urbana website now features tools to help people keep their commitments. Aside from audio, video, summaries, photos, and more from the Urbana Webcast, ‘Next Steps’ provides access to followup resources and ‘MSearch’ is a Mission Search engine, containing profiles of every agency and school exhibiting at Urbana 03.

Wilson says, the students who pledged at Urbana are of a group who exhibit a deeper commitment. “A huge number of students who come to Urbana actually have already had an experience overseas. So when they make a commitment to cross-cultural missions they’re doing so with some understanding, and some depth and some knowledge of what that takes.”

It’s welcome news as reports show fewer missionaries are ready to step up to cross cultural missions and replace present missionaries who are preparing to retire.

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