A seminary in Mozambique outgrows its space.

By April 28, 2005

Mozambique (MNN)–It’s still a war zone, although the war has been over for more than a decade.

The burden of the war is one carried on the backs of the people, now morphed into a struggle to thrive.

In that respect, the hope of the Gospel falls on eager hearts, and churches are growing. But, that leads to another quandry, especially for OMS International.

Their current seminary in Mozambique is housed in a small building, with two cramped and ill-equipped classrooms. Through the facility, God is making their “Training National Leaders” vision into a reality in Mozambique. But, with the planned expansion, the team will better be able to ready church leaders for evangelism, church planting, and developing partnerships.

OMS has organized three churches in Mozambique with 200 members. There are 30 students in leadership training courses.

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