A simple CURE for India

By February 10, 2009

India (MNN) — Clubfoot has become the most common physical disability in children, affecting over 200,000 newborns across the globe every year. This disability greatly inhibits the child's ability to walk. Although the procedure to heal clubfoot is rather simple, most parents in developing countries cannot afford to have their children cured.

That's why CURE International has created programs in eleven countries to provide free treatments for families living in poverty. The organizations CURE Clubfoot Worldwide (CCW) has just established ties in one more country to embark on two new initiatives.

The first initiative will help five different hospitals in India by providing guidance for clubfoot procedures, medical training, taking care of patient records and helping to pay for families that cannot afford the treatment. The second initiative is a similar statewide program in the state of Karnataka, India.

The new programs have the same three objectives as other CCW programs: to raise awareness, to train locals to perform the procedure and to provide funding for those who cannot afford it.

Since the procedure is not surgery, it is fairly inexpensive. A new way of treating clubfoot has been created in which a series of plaster casts is used to slowly correct the abnormality. The whole process only costs about $200 USD. Although this is much less than the cost of surgery, the numbers add up when hundreds of children are being helped, and funding is still necessary.

If you would like to help CURE spread the love of Christ in a tangible way, click here.

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