A special forum works toward the future of new partnerships in evangelism.

By December 6, 2005

USA (MNN)–Wycliffe USA is wrapping up the Forum of Bible Agencies-North America this week.

About 40 people are networking to find out how to partner together to engage people in North America, and the world, with the Word of God.

Their goal is to reverse the Bible reading decline and to encourage people to read God’s Word. Teams are hoping relationships between the organizations will be strengthened.

With the help of other partnerships, Wycliffe has been able to address the problem of about 3,000 people groups who do not have God’s Word in their language.

At the current rate of translation, some of these groups would not receive Scripture until 2150. Wycliffe is working to begin Bible translation in every language that needs it by the year 2025.

That’s what makes the forum so important. With a task so large, it’s overwhelming for one agency. Resources from a single group won’t be enough to provide access to the Gospel worldwide.

Pray that God uses the resulting new networks for significant advancement of Hi’s kingdom.

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