A special youth program helps develop Christian leaders in the Philippines.

By August 1, 2005

Philippines (MNN)–Corruption can be found in every aspect of politics throughout the Philippines.

As that translates to weak leadership, believers are stepping up. Teams working with Compassion International-assisted projects believe they have a role in filling this leadership vacuum.

That project was the Paglinang Student Center in Manila, which guides young people into becoming adult Christian leaders.

18-year-old Flegel Andaya, was one such success. According to Compassion, his mentor encouraged him to run for office in his community.

Flegel became a junior member of the baranggay (community leadership). One of his first projects was to help his community’s youth by overseeing the local fundraising beauty pageant.

Through his efforts, he helped raise enough money to continue the area’s basketball and volleyball leagues and buy a printer for the baranggay council office.

As a result, Flegel is praying that other children from Compassion-assisted projects will get involved in local politics and someday help lead the Philippines into a new era of Christian leadership.

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