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By November 5, 2015
Courtesy Photo from SOAR Int'l via Facebook

(Photo courtesy SOAR Int’l via Facebook)

Russia (MNN) — Kids love gifts! So what better way to spread the Gospel than through giving? This is the approach of SOAR International Ministries with orphans in Russia.

“Stuff A Stocking” is a SOAR project that gives hurting kids in Russia Christmas joy.

“All the goods that make up a Stuff A Stocking present are purchased and put together in Russia by the local church,” says Mangione.

“It gets their membership involved hands-on…and excited about serving and getting to do something special for these kids at Christmas,” said Mangione.

“[It’s also] very successful in either opening doors for churches and pastors to get involved with their local orphanages, or in other cases, be used as a tool for those churches in their ministry with the orphanages.“

This idea of working alongside indigenous churches has been important to SOAR right from the beginning–since 1998, to be exact.

“Part of our goal…is the realization that the churches, they’re there all the time and we can’t be…. We want to see the ministry in Russia and the churches in Russia continue to grow and be sustainable beyond the week or two scope of our particular project,” said Mangione.

Courtesy Photo from SOAR Int'l via Facebook

(Photo courtesy SOAR Int’l via Facebook)

Building relationships between orphans and local churches is what makes Stuff a Stocking about so much more than just a stocking. It’s an opportunity to show Christ’s love and share the Gospel.

“When there’s opportunity for the kids to have a little ‘vacation’ from the orphanage…, [a SOAR partnering church] offers the kids to come and spend time with them,” said Mangione.

This kind of thing is happening in a number of churches throughout Russia. It tells these kids who’ve been rejected in some way that they’re loved. They matter.

For those who want to be a part of this ministry, SOAR just rolled out a new website to provide more information. There are still some kinks being worked out, so some grace may be needed. However, the Donation page is running.

Donations to purchase gifts for Stuff a Stocking are accepted year around. Just select where you want the money to go and the amount!

Want to donate? Click here!

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