A team is heading to Afghanistan by land to help share the love of Christ.

By September 16, 2003

Afghanistan (MNN) — New vehicles may be just what’s needed to help people in Afghanistan “see” and understand the love of Christ. A team from the United States is on its way to Afghanistan to help with a Christian clinic there.

Interserve International’s Joanna Smith says they’re by land to delivering Land Rovers to the clinic. “These are going to be used in the (deleted) hospital. This is to replace the vehicles that the Taliban confiscated in August 2001, which they were going to use in the war in that country. And, these vehicles were used to provide eye care to Afghans in remote rural areas of the country.”

Smith says tells us how this delivery will help ministry in the region. “This project supports the partners of Interserve who bring the love of Christ (deleted) to people who are in one of the most remote locations on earth. And, it’s part of Interserve’s ethos of ministering to the mind, body and spirit of the people.”

As you can imagine funding is needed to support this ministry among the Muslim population. Smith says, “People can contribute by helping people on the trip, but what (deleted) Hospital needs now is funds just to pay staff and keep the hospital opperational.”

Smith is asking people to pray for the team’s safety as they travel over the rough countryside. Pray too that many will come to Christ as a result of their outreach.

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