“A Third of Us” outlines biblical missions mandate

By March 16, 2022

International (MNN) — One-third of our global population is completely cut off from the Good News of Jesus Christ. In other words, they are “unreached.”

“We, across North America, are wealthy in the Gospel. We have it available in so many ways [and] in so many different varieties. But many parts of the world are living in Gospel poverty; they just don’t have it,” missiologist Marv Newell says.

“This is one of the greatest injustices in the world.”

Newell heads up the Alliance for the Unreached, a coalition of ministries calling believers to Great Commission action. “Following the master plan Jesus gave us is the best way to direct our efforts into reaching people who have yet to hear [the] Gospel,” Newell says.

Newell’s new book, A Third of Us, outlines the biblical missions mandate and what it looks like today.

Divided into nine chapters, “A Third Of Us” is perfect for a nine-week small group study.
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“It’s been famously said that, as a Christian, you’re either a sender, a goer, or you’re disobedient. It’s absolutely true,” Newell says.

“People who love Jesus and understand the price of their salvation certainly would want others to know, [and] we want them to be part of the process of taking the Gospel to these (unreached) people.”

Order your copy of A Third of Us here. Newell hopes his readers do more than absorb information.

“I want them to open their mind, to have the awareness that this is indeed the plight of a third of humanity. This is important enough for them to be engaged in some way,” Newell says.



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