By April 7, 2021

A third of the world is still denied access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Started by The Alliance for the Unreached, A THIRD OF US engages Christians in the cause for the unreached, increasing awareness of the need and sharing how to get involved.

The Alliance for the Unreached believes that until Christians become aware of the need, we will continue to see the number of unreached people grow by tens of thousands every single day. A group of like-minded organizations, passionately committed to seeing this trend reversed, formed The Alliance to raise awareness among American Christians about this tragic reality and unite them in a vision to bring the Good News of Jesus to every people group.

On Pentecost Sunday every year, the Alliance hosts the International Day for the Unreached. This day includes various ways to spread awareness and rally as many people as possible to join the cause.

Learn more about A THIRD OF US and download the free action guide at athirdofus.com.

Find more resources at The Alliance for the Unreached.

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