Kids in Honduras learn about the Great Commission

By November 10, 2022

Honduras (MNN) — The A Third of Us movement draws attention to roughly one-third of all people who have never heard the story of Jesus.

At a church in Honduras, children attending a camp learned about this reality and even participated in raising awareness.

York Aspacher with Operation Mobilization says, “They wanted the children to begin to identify and understand there are children that are part of this number. When we talk about A Third of Us, there are kids that just like them who don’t have access to know about Jesus.”

The camp directors asked kids to bring their own t-shirts for a craft. Aspacher says, “The kids broke out into groups, and each group had a team leader. They would supervise the children making their own A Third of Us shirt.”

Get involved

The International Day for the Unreached seeks to turn knowledge into prayer. Mark your calendar for May 28, 2023.

Aspacher says this isn’t just a mission for one organization. “This is the Commission, the command that Jesus left with his Church when He ascended to heaven. He commanded us to go and to proclaim this message everywhere and to teach people about us.”

“It’s a simple thing, anybody can do it. You can draw three lines on your hand or somewhere visible.”

Once you know about the issue, what else can you do? Aspacher says different people and churches work in different ways. “All of us are led by the Holy Spirit, guided by the Lord, figuring out what this looks like in my life?”



Header photo courtesy of e3 Partners on Facebook.