Technology plays important role in reaching Deaf for Christ

By March 15, 2023

International (MNN) — What do technology and a small child have in common? They’re both growing and changing faster than you realize.

For example, touchscreen technology was brand new 12 years ago. Now, it’s on every so-called “smart” device, from TVs to watches.

Technology plays an important role in Deaf ministry, too. “Think about how easily you can record a video now or call somebody on Zoom. All of that has been a product of the last 10 or 15 years,” Rob Myers of DOOR International says.

“[Technological advances have] changed what Deaf ministry and sign language Bible translation looks like.”

Sign language Scripture is now easier to produce and distribute, giving Deaf church planters more capacity. “We used to distribute Bibles in VHS format, which changed to DVDs. Now, content is available through websites, apps, micro SD cards, and USB drives,” Myers says.

“Technology even exists nowadays where you don’t even need the internet. You can walk into a room with something like a Raspberry Pi, and it pushes out content to every phone that’s willing to accept it within a particular radius of that tool,” he continues.

(Photo courtesy of DOOR International)

“Technological advances are making what used to be a very labor-intensive process very quick. That allows our leaders to focus on the relationship-building aspect of ministry.”

Less than two percent of the global Deaf population knows Jesus, making the Deaf one of the world’s largest unreached people groups. More about that here. In fact, one-third of humanity doesn’t have access to Christ, but together, we can change that.

“Every person deserves the opportunity to know their Savior, and that includes every Deaf person on this planet,” Myers says.

Remember the Deaf on May 28, the International Day for the Unreached. You can learn more about the unreached and connect with groups like DOOR here.



Header image courtesy of DOOR International.

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