Afghan Christians need immediate help

By March 14, 2023

Afghanistan (MNN) — Politicians press for answers in the United States as millions in Afghanistan face famine and war.

The House Foreign Affairs Committee is formally investigating the State Department’s 2021 evacuation. The panel is also considering the Afghan Adjustment Act, which allows evacuees to stay in America after their temporary status ends in August.

Afghan evacuees have little reason to return. Currently, “there are many problems on so many fronts [in Afghanistan.] It’s difficult to summarize,” Transform Iran’s Lana Silk says.

“It’s a struggle for survival, particularly for Christians. Some 500 Christians in Afghanistan [rely upon] us for aid, and their situation is dire.”

Afghanistan is the world’s most significant and most severe humanitarian crisis. Two-thirds of the population needs outside help to survive. The economy bottomed out when the Taliban took over two years ago, pushing millions into poverty.

“The daily [cost of] food, basic amenities, fuel for heating is impossible for most families,” Silk says.

(Photo courtesy of Transform Iran)

“It’s particularly impossible for Christians who need to support themselves [because] where there is work, the Taliban get the first refusal. Those who are part of their group will be offered the livelihoods.”

Transform Iran needs your help to keep its Afghan program going. The primary funding source for this work ends on March 31, leaving hundreds of Afghan believers with no life support. Help provide essential aid, including food, hygiene material, winter supplies, medicine, and more.

“You’re looking at a whole generation of people who cannot work [or] access food and fuel,” Silk says.

“We must pray for a breakthrough in Afghanistan. The situation right now is impossible in human terms; we need God to intervene.”




Transform Iran has been working with churches and partners to help vulnerable leaders and their families escape Afghanistan, as well as provide food for families who remain. (Photo, caption courtesy of Transform Iran)

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