Three ways to help a third of humanity meet Jesus

By February 8, 2023

International (MNN) — Before ascending into heaven, Christ told His followers to make disciples in all the world. Today, one-third of humanity has never heard of Jesus.

As a member of the Alliance for the Unreached, Global Disciples focuses on “least-reached” people groups. “We operate as a near-culture missions organization. We send in people that look like the people they’re going to minister to,” Marketing Director Sherry Lee says.

“They set up a business, get a good reputation in the community; it kind of paves the way to share the Gospel in those very difficult areas.”

What’s the difference between ‘unreached’ and ‘least reached’ people groups?

“‘Unreached’ means people have never heard of Jesus Christ at all, and ‘least’ reached they may have heard of Jesus Christ, but they haven’t heard the good news of Christ. They haven’t heard that salvation message,” Lee explains.

Sometimes, miraculous healings lead to Gospel opportunities. “Those miracles speak to the saving power of Christ,” Lee says.

Global Disciples VP Jerry Meadows describes what happens when people encounter Jesus in a nation dominated by Islam:

“One of the few Christians in the entire area is walking down the road, and he sees a man with a cow. The cow has a broken leg, and in their tradition, the owner has to butcher the cow. The owner would then gather friends and family to purchase some of the meat so he could buy a new cow. The Christian man walked over and asked if he could pray for the cow. As he begins praying in the name of Jesus for the cow, the cow’s leg is healed, and it gets up. Many people in the crowd came to Christ, and he (the Christian man) began discipling them.”

You don’t need a miracle to make a difference.

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It’s really easy to advocate for unreached people groups. First, draw three lines on your hand. More about that here.

Second, save the date. May 28, 2023, is the International Day for the Unreached.

Third, download the free guide here and learn how to get your entire family involved in the Great Commission.



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