A threat against Christians in India thwarted.

By November 28, 2005

India (MNN)–Police action in Northern India thwarted an active death threat against a partnering Gospel for Asia church.

According to a report from Compass Direct, members of a Believers Church met peacefully on this last week, despite terrorization by Hindu extremists. The church meets in Pastor Feroz Masih’s house in the town of Baijnath.

Due to rumor, members of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP or World Hindu Council) and its youth wing, Bajrang Dal, assaulted the elder Masih. After beating him, they told Masih that if he and his 60 church members failed to take part in a “re-conversion” ceremony on November 20, they would burn them to death.

Police warned they would hold radicals responsible for harm done to the pastor or his church, thwarting a re-conversion ceremony.

Authorities in the area said believers had a right to practice their religion. Pray for the church’s testimony even as they exercise that right.

Masih’s son said he did not want the attackers punished, but that he hoped local officials would protect the Christian minority.

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