Thousands flee Sudan’s Darfur crisis into Chad; new ministry grows from tragedy.

By November 28, 2005

Chad (MNN)–There are thousands of newly displaced Beria seeking refuge in Chad after recent clashes in Sudan’s Darfur state.

The situation continues to degenerate with the latest skirmishes. United Nations officials fear it will continue to spin out of control, with lawlessness and anarchy growing throughout the region.

With each successive explosive contact, the tribal groups pressed between the rebels and the Sudanese government are forced to flee. Often, as they desert their villages, they are persecuted–and there’s evidence to support allegations that Christians bear the brunt of the harassment. The Beria are a perfect exampe.

In the ongoing crossfire, Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhofer says it’s important that their new project move forward, especially for this heavily oppressed tribal group. “It causes, of course, any people group to have questions about why God allows these sorts of things to happen, or who loves us in the midst of a situation where they’re being persecuted and nobody seems to respond in the world, they’re left to themselves.”

Because they feel forgotten, they respond well to any effort acknowleging their needs. ” So, just being able to know that somebody cares for them in the midst of their suffering is a level of hope that we can’t even comprehend.”
Dudenhofer says their material will be used for a first-ever Christian radio program in the Berian language. “With the equipment that was originally sent over to be used with Scripture recording, they’re now in the process of providing material that’s going to be used by the Beria believers to share with their friends that Jesus loves them.”

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