A tragic anniversary is remembered.

By September 1, 2005

Russia (MNN)–Today marks the one year anniversary of the worst tragedy in Russian history. Russian law enforcement bodies will be placed on high alert throughout the day.

September 1st, 2004 was a day of celebration. It was the first day of school for children in Beslan, Russia.

But, it was also the day Chechen rebels seized a school, taking more than 1,200 people hostage.

Eventually, bombs exploded and gun-fire rang out killing 331 people, more than half children. At least four of the deaths were children of pastors working with Russian Ministries.

MNN’s Greg Yoder explains, “I’m on my way to Beslan this week to find out how these families and others in the community are dealing with the tragedy.” He goes on to say that “Out of the tragedy, MNN is being told, great ministry is being planned. We’re going to find out what that looks like and how people are responding to the message of the Gospel.”

Commemoration ceremonies and press conferences were planned but have since been cancelled for security reasons.

The hostage-taking drama lasted from September 1-3. The death toll hit 331 and included 184 children.

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