A U-S church mentors a Honduran church planter.

By September 30, 2004

Honduras (MNN)–Christian Resources International is part of the birth of a cross-cultural church mentoring project.

Tim Flickinger pastors a church in Michigan. He says God’s timing, a mission trip to Honduras and nine Spanish pastoral libraries at CRI are supporting a Honduran church leader with his mission vision. “We got connected with a pastor there who has begun six churches in just a few years and has a goal planting two churches every year.”

While seeing the man’s work was a cause for celebration, it also brought out another need that was stopping further growth. “He’s also equipping those pastors and training them up”, Flickinger says. ” They don’t have anybody else partnering with them to help equip and promote that activity, so that’s a great mix for us.”

Flinckinger says materials for church leaders are often hard to come by in poorer countries. For those looking to encourage these pastors, “CRI has a program where we can provide pastoral libraries, and that’s one of our goals, is to take one of these libraries down for each one of these pastors that oversee a church plant or help lead a church.”

Aside from the Honduran partnership, hundreds of individual packages of books and Bibles are mailed to fulfill the requests received from pastors, missionaries and theology students from around the globe.

The greatest impact, though, comes as a result of the sea containers, bulging with sorted and packaged literature, that are shipped to distribution points around the world. Carrying as much as 50,000 pounds of “paper missionaries”, these containers transport Christian literature to seminaries, churches, Christian schools, missionaries and missions agencies.

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