A vision for church planting outgrows the seed bed

By November 23, 2011

India (MNN) — Some reports say
India is home to one of the world's fastest-growing networks of evangelical
house churches.

That brings up two challenges: resourcing and training. Indian Christians are eager for both in order
to reach their nation for Christ. Without solid leadership training, heresy can
also be a problem.

That's why Bibles For the World launched the Trinity
College and Seminary (TCS). The school
was established in 1999 with a handful of students. Eight years later,
the school had a student body of 90. The growth pattern indicated that they
would be up to 200 students by 2009.

By 2011, the school was ready to grow again. BFTW's Mawii Pudaite says their trip last
month to India kicked things off. In visiting their partners, they saw a national
pattern emerging that leant urgency to a project. Pudaite says, "From
Kaziranga, we drove five hours to Gauhat–the capital city of Assam–to see
and dedicate to God the site He has given us to relocate and establish the
Trinity College and Seminary."

The project will help strengthen the relationship of the seminary
with national churches. It has
also prompted unity and cooperation on behalf of the students. Pudaite explains that the testimony of the
school has already drawn curiosity from the community. "Over 100
people, all non-Christians from the nearby communities joined us for lunch, and
we had the privilege of sharing with them the vision and plan to establish an educational
institution in that place."

BFTW is working with Engineering
Ministries International (EMI) to develop a master plan for the theological
college and seminary for iover300 or more students. According to EMI, the institution
will sit on a seven-acre plot located in
a semi-rural but rapidly-developing area near Guwahati.

The next step: an EMI
team will survey the site and develop a site plan. Schematic architectural
plans will be needed for initial buildings such as residential, classrooms, and
dining. In addition, conceptual level plans for the development of site
infrastructure such as water supply, waste water, drainage, and electrical
systems will be needed.

In the end, the new facilities will provide the platform for the training of future
church leaders and see them well-equipped to minister to spiritual needs. Though it is too early to reveal all of their
plans, Pudaite asks that "you simply pray for the TCS
Relocation Plan for now,"

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